Alvaro Peña

Why My Startup Needs Just Two Users

At Dudda, our goal is to have only two customers who love our product.

If two customers love our product, then they will tell another two potential customers about us. A common trait of all humans is that we tend to associate with people who share similar characteristics to us.

For example, imagine Juana. Juana studies geology at university. What are the chances that Juana has two friends who like geology? Quite high. So, if the company, Piedrita, sells rare rocks, with unique packaging and a branding that Juana identifies with, there's a great chance that Juana will tell her two friends about Piedrita.

Those two friends will tell another two friends about Piedrita. Assuming that Piedrita offers a high-quality product that stands out from the competition and provides a good sales experience, backed by defined and consistent marketing, along with all the essential features of a successful business, the chances of their customers recommending Piedrita to their acquaintances are very high.

Piedrita doesn't exist, and neither does Juana. Alonso Rojas and I founded Dudda, and we are talking to as many "Juanas" as we can. In this way, we can iterate and validate our business idea. We want to create something that our user loves so much that they tell their two closest friends about us, those they believe would benefit from using Dudda.

The graph below shows that the MRR follows an exponential trajectory as every two users recommend your product to another two. In just 16 weeks, you could reach over US$10M in MRR. Although I recognize that these numbers may seem unrealistic and the process is not as simple as "Juana tells two of her friends", I hope the central idea is understood. In summary, it's not essential to get a million users/customers right away; with just two, you can start.

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