Alvaro Peña

Learning to sell

1. Lead Generation: The journey towards a sale starts with generating leads. We can either scout potential customers ourselves (our friends, family, colleagues, etc.) or enlist third-party services (LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Fiverr, Hunter, etc.) for lead generation.

2. Data Collection: Once we've identified a lead, such as John Snow from Snowflow, we gather key details: company website, email, and phone number.

3. LinkedIn Outreach:

  • We initiate a connection on LinkedIn, accompanied by a tailored note.
  • It's essential to invest a quick 2 minutes to extract an interesting fact from their website to personalize our invitation. For instance, if they've recently uploaded a YouTube video on data analysis, we could commend them for it. This step demands creativity and genuineness.

4. Email Communication: After establishing a LinkedIn connection, we follow up with our email script.

5. Further LinkedIn Interaction:

  • If they accept our LinkedIn request: A direct message (DM) is sent after 24 hours, reminding them of our email.
  • If they don’t accept the request: We still proceed to the next step.

6. The Phone Call: Regardless of their response (or lack thereof) to our email or LinkedIn connection, we make a phone call. This step is non-negotiable. Every lead, regardless of their position or the stature of their company, receives a call from us.

Remember: Sales thrive on volume. The more people we engage with, the higher our chances of success.

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